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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Summer...

I think this summer has went too fast, I'm already ordering my curriculum for the kids! They are currently petitioning to begin school after Labor Day, I want desperately to cave! We use to begin at this time, but last year and this year I am homeschooling a friends daughter and follow the public school calender...it's better, just hard to start that soon!

I have my first meeting with my editors tomorrow and am excited and a little scared...how many changes are being made to my book? It will be okay. To tell the truth, a little part of me wants to skip it because we are headed to the beach in Galveston, Texas this weekend and I don't want to think about them hatcheting my baby...okay, they aren't doing that, I'm just feeling like a drama queen because there was a dumb cricket in my room chirping last night and I ran out of sugar for my coffee this morning...side note: Brown sugar taste pretty awesome...unless I'm just too tired to care.

I know crickets in your house are supposed to be a sign of good luck, but if I could have gotten my hands on that little bugger, well let's just say that it would have upset some Buddist somewhere!

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