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Thursday, July 15, 2010

...and then the oil stopped

It's true, I just heard it on K-Love, they have stopped the huge gusher in the gulf! Praise be to God, I hope it last. It was the best news, the cherry on the top of an already great day!
I went to the pool with a good friend and the kids, we actually got too hot and had to go home. Only in Louisiana can one get too hot while swimming. I just got back from getting my nails done, oh I sound so pampered. These are the same nails that I will clean the toilets with later, so the pampering ends when I left the salon. I just love my nail girl, Tracy, you are the best...its way more than the great job you do, its like therapy.

These are the same nails I will try to not bite while I nervously await the first run throughs of editing on Nathaniel Ages and I'm faced with the changes that will be made. The scared part of me screams, "What if no one buys it!?" It's hard to put yourself out there...oh, well...at least the oil has stopped and I choose to always be this happy, come what may.

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