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Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Is Better

I detest suffering through comercials. I love to DVR things I want to watch just so I can fast forward through them. The toilet paper commercials are disturbing to me and those red and blue bears don't make the content palatable. I do love the Geico ones, especially the woodchucks chucking the wood and the drill seargent therapist. They make me smile and I can tolerate watching them. I don't know what company they are advertising in the ones where they ring up purchases and everything is free, but it made me sarcastically think to myself that there isn't anything free in this world. If there is, there are strings attached. Gifts are free. Are they really? Maybe I'm feeling all pesimistic or I just don't like commercials or gifts.

The pastor at the church I attended on Sunday spoke from the gospel of Mark about the rich man who wanted to know how he could obtain salvation. The pastor told how Jesus always cut to the heart of the matter when speaking to a person and directly addressed the need or error in that person's life. He also loved them, no matter the outcome. I like how Jesus cut to the chase, I like his direct approach. There are no commercials for Jesus. He isn't selling anything. So, the commercial that made me rethink my idea that there isn't anything free in this world is the Free Is Better one. I was wrong(and yes to my husband, I did actually just type the words, I was wrong). I was right too. There is one thing that is free, but it isn't of this world. That is the gift of salvation that Jesus freely gives to those that ask. No strings attached, because you can't earn it. You can't be good enough to save yourself. He already paid for you, its free.

Of course, when there is a true heart changing event, your life begins to change. Is this strings? What does one have "to give up"? Confessing your heart to Him, feeling that forgiveness and the peace that envelopes you as you lay down your worries and fears and hurts, if that's strings, then it's the ties that bind you to a loving Father and a life redeemed and filled with His wisdom and grace. Giving up the things that oppress you, you receive joy and peace in exchange. It is truly a win situation and I am constantly amazed at the wonderful works that He can do through a willing individual that will humbly step aside and allow God to lead their life. This gift is free and free is always better.

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  1. There's this tough thing to grasp and truly understand (and it starts with daily surrender): A free gift that has a 'cost' to develop in our personal life (Luke 14). It's the most amazing gift that give us access to heaven, and that we should share with the world, yet too many people accept it, put it on a 'shelve in a closet' and goes on living like they never received it. Okay, time for me to surrender for the day... some days I do better than others.