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Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Nathaniel Ages" A peek inside my new book to be released soon!

I walked into her room and stood over her bed, watching the gentle rise and fall of her chest under the thin quilt as she slept. I was instantly mesmerized by her and felt as if I could watch her forever. My reaction to her was still a mystery. It wasn't her beauty that had me captivated-I had seen many beautiful females and felt no preference for any of them, nor did I expect to.
She turned over onto her side and her quilt slid down her arm. I could see the bumps on her arm that told me she was cold, and I instinctively reached out and pulled her blanket over her shoulder until it rested against her cheek. I found myself longing to gently trace my fingertips down that very same cheek, and reached out my hand to follow through, then quickly pulled it away. I forced myself to take a step back and get myself under control.
I briefly considered slipping my hands around her neck and choking her until the demon that surely possessed her showed itself. She looked so peaceful and enchanting that I could do nothing to bring harm to her. What if I was wrong? What if she were nothing more than a human girl who seemed to have captured my very soul simply by being? Kneeling by her side, I put my face closer to hers and smelled the sweet flower scent of the lotion she put on before going to bed. She inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled; I breathed her in. She was intoxicating. I backed away from her, keeping my eyes fixed on her, until my back was against the wall. Her breathing became regular. Was I having some unconscious effect on her?
I stood watching her until dawn began to break, and then left to hide myself. I would need more time. Evil always showed itself with time.

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