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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have learned so many things about our country's history since I began home schooling five years ago and love how patriotic the curriculum I use is. It has taught us to be in awe at how hard it really was to come here in face of all the dangers and hardships and to be thankful they did. That Mayflower was a very small ship that carried 128 people! It wasn't built to carry people, only cargo and the passengers stayed in the cargo area and rarely got to come on deck! People were sick and the smell had to be unbearable. I couldn't imagine being a mom with small children there, I rarely allow my children to play on indoor play stations at a certain fast food establishment. I will bring them to the park and not obsess over the fact that only my children will be able to discover a new strain of bacterial infection. I think it's the open air that helps to ease my mind and the fact that at least these playthings gets rained on.

So, I am thankful to these brave pilgrims and other people who suffered many losses and waged many wars and constructed the most amazing document, The Constitution. I am grateful for the freedom I have been granted to be able to worship as I choose and home school my children and pass on this wonderful history to them. I thank God that He has blessed us so greatly as a nation and as a family.

I am thankful for this time with my children and will be sad as they choose to go back to school, one by one our little school will get even smaller. We use our large windows in my kitchen as dry erase boards and as I sit here at the table and write this, I am looking through mathematic equations at their toys in the yard, I know I will miss my windows looking like a kindergarten version of A Beautiful Mind. I will even miss all the toys in the yard, even though they constantly hear me fussing at them to pick them up, I think they know the truth. I really am thankful for hand prints on windows, messy playrooms, bathtubs full of toys, half melted popsicles on counters, crumbs everywhere, endless streams of questions, running in hallways, loud laughter, and even louder fights...because one day all too soon,these will be only memories.

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  1. So true, so true, Brandie. The very things we fuss about as moms, we end up missing. Sweet post. Gave me pause to be thankful--on Dec. 1st! :O)