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Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Time Please...

I seem to wake up and hit the floor running, except recently it's been straight to my coffeemaker with one of the books I am currently reading in hand. Though to my credit I do carry my empty glass of milk from my nightstand with me to put in the sink on my way, old cleanliness habits are hard to break, no matter how you try. Sadly, I force myself to except the fact that the bar that I set for how clean my house is has lowered with each child that I have birthed. I use to watch Oprah when I first got married and finally stopped when, well let's leave that for another blog one day when I'm more hormonal or in a bad mood. I did learn one thing from an Oprah show that has taken me at least ten years and four of my six kids to almost put into practice, and that was if you want to obtain a stress-free, blissful home-life you must let it go and allow your family members to help you. Yes, your children can make their beds and do all sorts of chores with happy smiles, because they really do want to help their wonderful, over-worked mom out. Even husbands will pitch in and do whatever is asked and it is a truly wonderful family bonding experience, unless mom acts like she is the last person left on earth that knows that towel companies expect you to fold their products with the decorative side showing, face-up and placed lovingly in the linen closet with said decoration facing outward so the towel can actually dry you off better. The lesson was you can't have it only your way and happiness. I, of course, was in denial at first and with each child that came along, I realized Oprah was correct and I have slowly began to let it go. It has taken years and I still fight bouts of my compulsive cleanliness disorder, but I did learn to not go and remake their beds, only if we are having a party do I do this now, because I have learned that with age and more advanced coordination skills they are finally getting pretty good at it, just in time for me to have mellowed enough that I find I miss the way the blanket and sheet were all bunched up into a large lump at the bottom of the bed under the comforter that was always put on sideways, so it never completely reached the top of the bed and draped on the floor.
I still only drink half a cup of coffee at a time because I run around multi-tasking home schooling and cooking and cleaning and errand running and while heating my coffee up throughout the morning, I wish for more time. But I find it's not for more time in the day so much now, as it's for more time to really savor those ordinary moments of my children being little because they grow up way to fast and I do understand what Oprah's guest that day was saying and that great country song by Trace Atkins, "Your Gonna Miss This" says it all.


  1. Thanks Brandie for the visit and the follow...I have signed on as a follower here as well.

  2. LOL! Oh I let all that go a LONG Time ago!! Come to think of it, I'm not sure it was ever a problem to begin with!!

  3. I definitely understand this post! Even though I'm only homeschooling one, and I totally admire your six-child schooling, I still have to multitask quite a bit!

  4. You sound like a really great mom;all you can do is your best and give the rest to GOD. Remember to take time to breath:)